Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lovers of Joy

So, because this is a sexblog, here a brief list of descriptions and contexts for the more regular players in Joy's Sex Life:

Joy: Hi! I'm your hostess. Naturally blonde, blue eyed and freckled, I'm always taken for younger than I am...though my Venus curves would give it away, you'd think. Apollo maintains that I remind him of Bottecelli's rendering of the goddess...with less hair and more breasts.

Apollo: My primary partner. He's blonde and blue eyed, like me. If we ever have children, they will sizzle in the sun. I met Apollo while we were both in college, and he's a great one to wake up to. And a great, great one to go to bed with!
DragonCat: Shakti's primary partner who lives in the College Town Metropolis Area. DragonCat is skinny with shaggy brown hair, a soft beard, sparkling blue eyes, and very red lips. He also has objectively amazing hands. I met DragonCat via Shakti, whom I met via the group of Frequently Poly Pagans that I hang out with when in College Town.
Mars: My sometime-lover who was my first male experience after Apollo and I began opening our relationship. Dark of eyes and hair, Mars is cute, but nervous. Something in his manner sets me ill at ease, and the jury is still out on whether or not this is a relationship I want to continue. But damn, is he a fun lover!

Hobbit Ladies: Demeter and Luna are partners, who are kinda-poly (Luna is, Demeter's figuring it out), and my dear friends from my years in College-Town. Also, now, my dear lovers. They like full-bed snuggles and are big, beautiful women in every sense of the terms.
QWB (Quabbalist Water Brother): The gorgeous metal-head harpist who's one of my Favorite People Ever. Another inhabitant of the College Town Metropolitan Area, QWB is deliberately and indefinitely celibate. But that doesn't stop her from being willing to help me explore BDSM and submission.
Shakti: Curvy Goddess whose door bears the sticker "Registered Companion." It fits. She's priestess even as she's lover. Another of the CTMA crew, Shakti, perhaps more than anyone, has provided support, encouragement, and sometimes reality checks as I've run from, run towards, and in general run around with this journey of sexuality.

To be updated as more folks appear....

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