Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

...The Sexy, College-Town Remix.

So, my holiday plans involved taking one week of my Winter Break (I love being a grad student!) and going home, seeing family and friends there, and then departing to spend New Years Week in my Undergraduate Town, and the metropolitan area 30 miles to the north of it. That first week, of necessity, has no truly sexy stories associated with it. This week, however, has been full of Exploratory Sexual Goodness.

**I realize that there are lots of names with no descriptions or context in this post. I will make a Lovers of Joy page detailing my Usual Suspects very soon. Promise.

Sunday, December 30th:
Arrived in College Town and went to Imladris, home of the Hobbit Ladies (who do not have hairy feet - but they resemble hobbits in their love for good food, good alcohol, and questionable smokeables). There has been a long-standing attraction tween me and them, so when I found myself naked between them, slightly fuzzy-headed from the pipeweed, it wasn't a huge surprise. What was surprising was how...clumsy and inept I feel when dealing with women's bodies. In the moment, I could not for the life of me think of any particular techniques used on me in the past. Fortunately, their lovely breasts seemed to respond nicely to my amateur efforts. I was also reminded of the fact that women are (in my experience to this point) infinitely better than men when it comes to fingering (though, from all accounts, Jefferson has a special way with that Special Spot.).
Quick sidenote: I get off on penetration. Like, a lot. Oh, I love my clitoris, don't get me wrong...but the orgasms are so different, acute and defined and short. I love the long rolling, peaking and plateauing of G-spot orgasms. I love my incoherence afterwards.
Anyway. Lovely, long night with the HLs. Still did not get my fingers or tongue into their nethers - I'm painfully shy and nervous about giving pleasure to women - but they helped each other, and much fun was had by all.

Monday, December 31st:
Went to the House of the Spider Woman for a La Vie Boheme NYE party. No particularly explicit stories this night, but I met a girl who had had surface piercings in her back, had done suspensions, was into shibari, and had an amazing set of nails. I also cuddled with the Cuddle Owl, who was newly single and thus much more willing to share his amazing hugs and backrubs. My Qabbalist Water Brother (QWB) cried over my present to her - a collage Tree of Life - and nuzzled and nibbled and generally made me a happy Joy. The Spider Woman was resplendent in her Mimi-inspired outfit, and in high teasing form. Shakti informed me that her partner, DragonCat, was "curious" and wanted to join us for my planned sleepover at Shakti's place the following night. As DragonCat is one of the most adorable men on the planet (and Apollo and I had already discussed this possibility a few nights ago when we found ourselves in a "Who do you want to fuck from College Town?" discussion) I assured her that I would be more than happy to have him there.

Tuesday, January 1st:
Awoke at the House of the Spider Woman. Headed to the QWB's place for afternoon hanging out. I had mentioned my unexplored submissive tendencies to her, as well as my fascination with kink, knowing her to identify as a Domme. She, beautiful creature that she is, was very willing to help me explore, in a non-sexual context, as she is deliberately celibate. Sadly, though, she lost a childhood friend at the beginning of the month, and thus felt mentally and emotionally unable to offer me a formal "session". However, (and this was probably even better) she generously showed me her tools and demonstrated their uses on me in an informal context. This means that I experienced: a whip, used several different ways, through my clothes; hot wax on my stomach; different sorts of non-cutting knife strokes on my belly and forearm; and perhaps most profoundly, the weight of a collar and cuffs. These were decorated with large and numerous spikes - which would not be my choice - but the feeling of that weight on me was something I knew I wanted to experience again. After they were removed, and the demonstration was over, I stood up from her couch and thought "I feel a little drunk. But I have not had a drink. Hee!" We also talked, seriously and happily, about my sexual journey, our lives, and things spiritual and intellectual. But this is the sexblog *grins*.
From there, I headed to Shakti's place. When I got there, she and DragonCat were eating homemade pizza. We sat, catching up on the events of each other's lives, while they finished dinner. My stomach was home to a whole nest of butterflies - I really didn't *know* DragonCat all that well, but he's one of those people who simply radiate comfort and trust and safety. There was not a question in my mind that I would be safe, treasured, and respected by these two people. But...still. I was minutes away from kissing a HOT man and from (I had decided) finally getting acquainted with another woman's cunt. I was nervous. Fortunately, Shakti is incredibly good at easing into these situations without pretense or awkwardness. We migrated to the bedroom, where tickle wars ensued and DragonCat giggled and wriggled when he realized that I slip into CatTalk (TM) when I'm feeling playful (he and Shakti have whole conversations in mrows and mews). Soon after this, Shakti decides that she needs to go take a shower, and orders us to "cuddle amongst yourselves" in her absence. Now, DragonCat is a 5-star Cuddleslut. At any party, he will be draped over/have draped over him at least two women, if not more. This is never sexual - he's just got an infinite capacity for cuddles. Knowing this, I curl right up to him, and we sink into a comfortable, silent touching.
His hands. Oh my. His hands. We were not overtly sexual yet, but every touch of his was pure affection, pure joy in the skin of my belly, the curve of my hip. I felt holy. I felt that he was both worshiper and god to my goddess and devotee. I eventually found my voice to remark about how much I'd wanted to cuddle with him at the NYE party, but that I couldn't bear to interrupt his cuddling with the blissed-out girl who stayed attached to him the whole night - she looked as though she needed it. This launched some small talk, which concluded with him remarking that as much as he loves cuddling, it's "always hard for me to not play with the boobies. They...they're just there and so appealing." "Well, you don't have to worry about that with me," I said. Gentle, so gentle and so hot. And his kisses were meltingly sweet, soft, and intense. Shakti returned from her shower to see us making out, bare to the waist. Since she was already naked, DragonCat and I followed suit. What followed was a delicious exercise in Taking Turns. They began, like the generous souls and good hosts they are, by thoroughly exploring my body and Shakti fingering me into my first set of orgasms for the evening. Soon after, I found myself rolling through my second set as Shakti and I clung to each other in shared bliss while DragonCat fingered both of us and broke my Girls Finger Better Than Boys rule. After recovering from that for a few moments, Shakti diplomatically asked DragonCat what he'd like to do. He wiggled with excitement (like a cat about to spring, thus earning him the second part of his name), and flicked his tongue suggestively. "Would you like to do that to Joy?" Shakti asked. More wiggling accompanied by nodding. "Well, pull up a chair, then!" I took this as a figurative invitation to lay back and settle in for some prolonged, amazing cunnilingus. DragonCat took this more literally, and actually pulled a chair up to the edge of the bed.
Now, I've heard of men who Genuinely Love going down on girls. I've always been fortunate to find men who at least like it, like making women squirm and moan, and are pretty damn good at it. But, at our last encounter, Shakti definitely instituted a Girls Give Oral Better Than Boys standard. DragonCat breaks this, too. It sounds cliche, but he treated my cunt like an oasis in a desert. I felt like I was the "flower in the desert, water in the dry lands" for him, a source of endless wonder of which he could never be bored. It wasn't a preface to anything "more important", not an appetizer or a bit of foreplay - this was Sex. After he finally came up for air, and allowed me to do the same, Shakti asked me, "Have you had the chance to play with a woman yet?" "No..." "Do you want to?" "Yes..." After playing with her breasts, trying to pay attention to her reactions, to figure out what worked best (no, I don't over-intellectualize things!), and admiring the beauty of her more prominent nipples, one hand drifted towards her mons. But I hesitated. I didn't want to go in blindly, so to speak. I was so scared of doing something wrong - I needed to see what I was doing. "Do you want to look at me?"she asked (she says I think loudly. I can't refute this.).
I moved myself to kneeling between her legs, and looked at her. Browner than me, she was, though still pinkish. I then noticed DragonCat at my side, with his beautiful, open grin. "He wants to watch," Shakti said. I almost had an attack of "Sex is not a performance! I refuse to put on a show!" (which...I realize that for some people that's part of it, and that's wonderful and cool...but I get anxious when I feel like I'm performing. See my upcoming post on oral sex.) but DragonCat was so nonjudgmental and supportive that I didn't feel like he was watching porn, but rather lending moral support. Truth to tell, I was eventually pretty glad of his presence beside me. I parted her lips and gazed, probing experimentally until I found everything I was looking for - surveying the terrain, so to speak. Her vagina looked so dark, so deep. It looked like it did have the potential for holding worlds, for being the primal place of Beginnings and Birth. I decided to start with her clit - it seemed at little less...intimidating. I learned that direct stimulation is too much, but that above, below and beside are effective and wonderful. I learned that I, too, can give women orgasms, and that holding down a woman's thigh and belly while you stroke her to ecstasy is a profound and beautiful pleasure. After a time, I moved down, and cautiously inserted a fingertip. She was So. Wet. So warm. So soft. I inserted my index finger, and beckoned. Ahh..response...and a little to the right evoked an even stronger response. This was *much* easier than figuring out the breasts, or even the clit. I pressed up in fast, small pulses - and Shakti screamed. Wow. I added another finger, noting the snugness of her, and tried for a second scream. Instead I got a "Honey, be careful of your nails." Ooops...lesson learned. So I backed off for a moment, contemplating, screwing my courage to the sticking point, before leaning in and touching my tongue to her clit. Shakti is a natural goddess, so I soon found that it is difficult to breathe when one's nose is pressed into luscious pubic hair. Even more difficult when said goddess starts writhing (not that I minded this, you understand). DragonCat helped steady both the Shakti and me, holding us both in place. I got that second scream.
The rest of the night was spent playing with DragonCat's cock, and playing out one of Shakti's fantasies - DragonCat fucked her doggy-style while she buried her face in me. After, she announced that "Shakti is broken! and needs to sleep!", so we all piled onto the queen-sized bed, with DragonCat in the middle. Shakti dropped right off, which led DragonCat to cuddle up to me and (we were all sleeping naked), begin to make it very difficult for me not to disturb Shakti with either sounds or fierce movements. I was tired. Fuck, was I tired. I hadn't had much sleep the night before, and had just been thoroughly worn out. But I cannot resist that man's hands and mouth: "I can't believe your hands and mouth did all of that to me. And they are so daily naked for all the world to see." ("Rexroth's Daughter"). Eventually, however, he let up and we did go to sleep. When Shakti left early in the morning for work, though, it all began again. Now that we didn't have to keep quiet or still, he looked at me and said, "You want to 69?" "Err...I tend not to do it because it requires multitasking...and I never have the presence of mind. But...I'm willing to try it! Or we could just take turns..." He decided that we'd try it...and it seemed to work out fairly well. At least, well, he didn't complain. And I can't either. I still don't know how people give an effective blowjob with someone's mouth on their cunt, but I did my best. When my jaw was to tired to continue (my stamina is pitiful. Sad.), he brought me to another series of orgasms with his incredible fingers. After which we promptly fell back asleep. When we awoke, we made out slowly, sweetly until he said, sadly, "You know, I kind of wish we could do everything." I nodded, "It's alright. do mean that Shakti isn't ok with us having intercourse, right?" Because if you think I'm not ok with it, buddy, you've got another think coming! "Yes," he said. "Ok. That's fine. But I'm still allowed to give you an orgasm, right?" "Oh yes. Oral's fine, just no 'actual sex'". So I went down on him. I am no blow-job queen - Wendy and Avah would shame my ass back to the South if I ever tried to compete with them. But I gave it my best effort. After a goodly time, I crept back up into his arms, feeling slightly disappointed with myself. "Yeah...I don't often come from oral. Or from anything apart from masturbation or 'actual sex'...I guess I should've said that beforehand...but it was still amazing." Ok. I'm ok with that. I want my lovers to be fulfilled, and if orgasm isn't necessarily a part of that, I am perfectly alright with that. We went back to cuddling and kissing, until I realized that I was overdue for my afternoon hanging out with another friend. It is incredibly difficult to get back into clothes when a beautiful, lanky man is perpetually ready to love your naked body and distract you with kisses. But I managed.

Part two to perhaps follow, if anything notable happens in the next few days!


Anonymous said...

Oh my.

The first time I read this I just- enjoyed it. You write quite erotically.

But you also touch on a lot of the same issues I love to explore. The spiritual aspects- lover as goddess, body as altar during oral sex. I love how you talk about cuddling -its such a wonderful thing that people don't give enough attention to.


Joy said...

Adam -
Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's the amazing thing about Shakti and DragonCat - they cannot _avoid_ being spiritual. And I cannot avoid talking about DC's cuddle skills. When something's that good, it must be discussed!
Thank you for my first comment! *grins*