Saturday, January 19, 2008

So, a few weeks ago, I informed Apollo that this year, for my birthday, I want him to round up all the highly unattainable men with whom I'm in lust and schedule a week of debauchery for me. He said that he'd get right on that, as long as he could have his way with Kaylee.
I think that's perfectly reasonable, as Kaylee is Really Hot.

Anyway, we began discussing the lineup for my Week Of Sex With Highly Unattainable Men, and this is what we came up with, in no particular order:

Nathan Fillian. Mal is Sex Incarnate. I realize that this makes me a Firefly Fangirl, but I don't quite care.

Damien Rice. Melancholy Irish singer-songwriter with a penchant for allusions to the darker sides of sex and relationships: "Amie, come sit on my wall and read me the Story of O", "Don't hold yourself like that, you'll hurt your knees." And, well, he just gets downright sexy at times. Mmmm.

Ryan Adams. Not Bryan Adams...Ryan Adams. Exceptionally eclectic singer-songwriter with an attitude and a feeling for good rock-n-roll (except when it's not. Namely, Rock and Roll and Easy Tiger). He has a little bit of the junkie look about him...but on him, it's hot.

Colin Firth. Sexy accent, good actor, and damn, not many folks are as good at the on-screen kisses as he is.

Neil Gaiman. Ok. Yes. I'm a Gaiman Girl too. Not so much because he's hot....though his is...but because his books move me. You know - laughing aloud one minute, throwing the book across the room the next, weeping the next moment...then laughing again....books like that make me want to have the author's babies. And I don't want children.

Johnny Depp. Yes, yes. I know. How typical. But, well...I can't say no to this. Or this.

So that's only six. I imagine I'd need a day of rest after that week. This list was my Still-Alive-and-Good-Looking list, as it's the most realistic (as these fantasies go). My Would've Fucked 30 Years Ago, Hot Dead Guys, and Fictional Fantasies lists are all much less...shall we say, tangible? Though someday, I may share them for the helluvit.

So, folks. 7 days, your choice of any 7 living people - who'd be on your list?


Anonymous said...

Mal is on your list, but not Spike? Tsk tsk.

Though I can't disagree with Apollo's taste. Kaylee is just pure hotness.

Joy said...

Ack! I knew I had forgotten one of my long-time fantasies from the Whedon canon. The only episodes of Buffy that I've seen have been the Spike-heavy ones. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, I would let James Marsters tear me apart.

arielariel said...

oh man, seven people? i think i could come up with a few:

* lindsay lohan. because i am a trashy lech and i think it would be hot.

* john travolta, but back in time john travolta. the john travolta of greased lightening and saturday night fever.

there must be more! i just can't think of them.

Curvaceous Dee said...

*chuckle* I was tickled pink to find your blog (through Ariel) and see that you also call your partner Apollo! *grin*

And I'm additionally impressed to find another Whedon fan. Mal is absolutely on my list, along with Spike, Neil Gaiman (yum - love his blog), Warren Ellis, Captain Jack Harkness, Johnny Depp, and Faith. In fact, there'd be more women on there normally, but I got all distracted thinking of Mal ...

I think your blog is great, and a very interesting read. So you've gained a reader :)

xx Dee

Joy said...

Oh yes. Much with the Whedon and Gaiman love. Someday I'll share my Girl List...but as I've said elsewhere, I generally have to be on a touchy-feely basis with a woman already to feel active desire towards her. It's strange.
I suppose great minds name logical partners alike, eh? The first time I happened across your blog (which I very much enjoy), I was amused by that. However, I was in my Lurking Around Sex Blogs stage and didn't comment.
Yay, new readers!